My new baby! LV Croisette Rond Blue!

  1. Just want to introduce my new baby to all of you!
  2. Oh wow...that is so pretty!!!! Congrats!!
  3. Nice. Congrats.
  4. Very cute, congrats!
  5. Ooooh it's cute! Congrats. :smile:
  6. :drool: OMG, this little thing is SO darn cute!!! Congrats!!
  7. Oh my gosh, I'm drooling! That's so fresh and CUTE!
  8. congrats, it is soo cool, does it come in the cles shape?
  9. Very cute! Congratulations!
  10. soo cute, congrats!!!
  11. Very Cool!:tup:
    Congrats..LOVE the blue best!
  13. soooo cute!!! omg! i might have to call my SA tomorrow
  14. Cute! How much was it?
  15. Pretty, Congrats!