My new baby...Legacy Slim Tote :)

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  1. Well, it took me forever to figure out how to get pics from my camera to the computor to photobucket...and hopefully onto this post now. I just got her for my B-day yesterday. My husband bought the sig khaki/gold carly in med from and never checked it but put it into his closet wrapped. Now I am not supposed to look, but he came home the other night and said he saw the nicest bag ever, thought it was a Coach and went to Coach to look. He didn't find that bag but mentioned when he came home that he didn't care for the sig Carly. He and I have really different taste, I love the Carly. But he got me crazy enough that I figured I would take out the bag and try it on. When I unwrapped was the khaki/saddle. The bag was gorgeous but I was afraid if I did not go look at the gold in person I might be sorry later on. So I dragged my kids down to Coach and saw the gold Carly, very pretty, but next to all the leather Carlys. I tried on the large camel and liked it alot but my son had to say "I don't like it". I know, don't take fashion advice from a 10yr old male. Then accross the room I saw her...and love at first sight :girlsigh:! I think it might have been the ponytail scarf but the bag is super comfortable and at this point my head was spinning and the SA's were making suggestions a mile a minute. I left with the slim tote and the scarf, the SA tied it on for me. Now I still have to add that large camel Carly to my wish list (in the very far off future some day). Hope you all don't mind my long story, I just wanted to share pics of my new love!
  2. That is one gorgeous bag you got there!:wtf:
    And the scarf looks great on it!
    Congrats and enjoy!:yes:
  3. ^^Thank you!!! I can't belive I actually managed to post pics!
  4. I agree! Gorgeous bag and the scarf looks fabulous on it. Thanks for posting the pictures. Congratulations. :smile:
  5. BTW that first pick my son was holding the bag, that's his shirt in the way. He was so afraid I would post his face and someone would see him holding a bag. I don't take great pics, sorry!
  6. I love this bag it's gorgeous! Congrats!
  7. Lol. It looks great on "you". :tup: :roflmfao:
  8. It's a beauty! Happy Birthday and congratulations!
  9. Happy B-day, that's an awesome looking bag! That scarf looks great on it.
  10. Very pretty!! They had one in the store yesterday, and it has managed to find it's way back onto my wishlist.....
  11. Enjoy your BEAUTIFUL birthday bag!:party:
  12. Its gorgeous, your lv accessories look nice in it too!
  13. Happy Birthday! That is a beautiful bag!! :tup:
  14. pretty! love the scarf too! who doesn't love the lining? lol. gorgeous! happy birthday BTW!