My new baby! Kristin Plum Spectator Tote and Wallet

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  1. So it's official, I'm in love. I'm an instant gratification kinda gal so I have no patience to take pics as I open the box. So here she is! The pics aren't so great because they are taken with my phone. Sorry about that.

    Introducing my new baby!

    Inside yumminess!

    Modeling shot plus my big belly. :smile:
  2. Yay, instant reveal! Your phone pics are better than my camera pics.

    Lovely deep colors for the fall and winter. Your wedding pic in your avatar is gorgeous too!
  3. I love the color! You rock the bag with your baby bump!
    Congrats on the bag and the baby:yahoo:
  4. Love your bag. Perfect for fall. Congrats on your baby bump!!!
  5. Love the purse and wallet set! Enjoy them! Congratulations on your impending arrival ;)
  6. Love both the bag and the wallet!!
    Congrats on your new bag, wallet and baby! :smile:
  7. Oh YUMMY!!!! They are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to Coach tonight and am going to check this out. I'm changing into my Kristin Spectator tote in pale pink today, I love that style. Congrats - stunning set!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Beautiful set, I'm jealous! :smile:
  9. Congrats!!!
    We are bag twins!!!! I love the Plum Spectator Kristin tote!!!
    I want the wallet too but haven't gotten it yet!!!
    Beautiful!!! Congrats too on the baby!!!


    Lynne :biggrin:
  10. Congrats on your new Kristin!!
  11. Thanks everyone! I am so in :heart:
  12. Gorgeous, and it looks great on you! Enjoy!
  13. What a great combo! Congrats they are both so lovely
  14. We are almost bag twins!! I bought this exact bag, only in the satchel style...but I have to say, it was a VERY hard choice and I'm kind of wishing I had thought about getting the hobo/tote any rate, it's a BEAUTIFUL BAG and I'm so jealous you got the wallet, too! Congrats! :happydance:
  15. Beautiful bag and wallet!!

    Congrats on your new Coach goodies and on your baby!!