My new baby is HERE...!!

  1. Meet the newest addition to my small LV family--

    the Sac Coussin GM! :yahoo:

    I bought her used on eBay for a decent price, and except for a little dirt on the straps and corners plus being squashed flat from shipping, she is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love how it's shaped like a little pillow--it's so cute! I just bought some Apple Leather Care online so I'll use it to clean and condition the vachetta once it is shipped.

    The bag is a little smaller than expected, but I expected it to be a large bag anyway, so this is actually the perfect size for fits EVERYTHING I need plus it leaves a little extra room!

    Now I'm wondering...are new LV bags' zippers a little tighter? Or are LV's zippers generally a little tighter? There seems to be nothing wrong with the zipper on my Coussin but it is a little tight compared to normal zippers...not loose and easy to open with one hand like my cheaper handbags. I don't believe the seller has used this bag for very long, since it's in wonderful condition and has an even, beautiful honey brown patina. The only sign of wear are two small dirty spots/minor wrinkling of the straps and a little wear on the corners...

    I also won the auction for a Récital pochette for just $202 (If that last guy didn't try to bid over me it would've been at $157) so I'm having a really good day!

    Here are some pics!
    (Does anyone have a picture of the Sac Coussin PM? If the GM is such a small size already compared to other LV's GM sizes, what the heck is the PM?)
    newcoussin1.jpg newcoussin2.jpg newcoussin3.jpg
  2. nice!!!! it looks gorgeous on you... you wear it very well. =)
  3. :wlae: CONGRATS :wlae:

    she looks great on ya!!! :supacool:
  4. Congrats ! :yes:
  5. congrats!
  6. congrats!! it looks so perfect!:yes: :girlsigh:
  7. Nice, congrats:smile:
  8. Looks great!! Congrats!
  9. Nice bag, congrats, looks great on you.
  10. Congrats! :yahoo: I love the Coussin, I was looking at a few on ebay myself. :biggrin:
  11. Congrats!
  12. Thanks guys! :yahoo:
    It's such a comfortable bag to wear.
  13. Congrats and enjoy! I've only ever seen one size of the Coussin, the size you have.
  14. congrats, it looks like a great bag!
  15. Congrats!!!!:yahoo: Looks just right;)