My New Baby is here! *pics*

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  1. She's lovely - I have some serious bag envy going on at the moment :girlsigh:
  2. Love your new bag, pixie01. Gorgeous colour and so cute!:tup:
  3. im kicking myself with this one!!!
    but there is a regular sized red paddy on ebay that im going to go after!
  4. Go for it mad bags. I love red paddies.
  5. Adorable! I am lusting after an 05 grenat paddy (have been for a year).
  6. ^
    the grenat is such a beautiful dark red!

    thanks pixie! you are sooo lucky!
  7. I :heart::heart::heart: that red, congrats!
  8. So cute! Well done pixie - an impulse that paid off big time LOL!
  9. Congrats Pixie ~ It's a lovely bag at a great prrice...any modelling pic's? :heart:
  10. Simply beautiful, I love the size and the red colour! Oh yes, modelling pics would be nice!
  11. congrats! That bag is so cute :smile:
  12. I love the intensity of red!
  13. OMG Pixie, she is the cutest little thing.
  14. Thank you ladies:flowers::flowers: For all you lovely comments. She is a cutie isn't she:girlsigh: I will add a modeling pic as well.