My new baby, got from Dillard's

  1. hi,
    I can't believe it. I got this new baby the legacy shoulder purse in whiskey color for $ 336 at Dillard's. it was on the sale section, last one. the Color is just rich, so beautiful. I wonder if these are at the outlet. But it's still full price on Does anyone know?thanks
  2. Wow awesome! I want one of these in the khaki signature so bad. Nice find!
  3. I love that bag! Congrats!
  4. The '07 Legacy shoulder bag is one of my absolutely favorite styles!! I have one in clay. Congrats!!
  5. yes, it is the 2007 legacy in whiskey, is the whiskey at the outlet but other color is still full price???does anyone know. I cnn't believe that it's not that heavy. i'm petite and usually i cann't wear the legacy leather purse b/c they're too heavy.thanks
  6. I haven't seen the shoulder bags at the outlets yet. I have been calling for over a month! lol
  7. I read '36' instead of 336 and almost fell out of my chair :roflmfao:
  8. :roflmfao::lol:
  9. So beautiful, the shoulder bag!! Hope you wear her well :biggrin:
  10. Enjoy, the whiskey is such a gorgeous color!!! :smile: That's a great deal, too. Wonderful find!
  11. Congrats, whiskey is TDF! Great find!
  12. Congratulations! I have the '06 in whiskey and absolutely love it.
  13. the whiskey is so pretty, and that was such as great price too... maybe if I keep saving...
  14. that was a great price. CONGRATS!
  15. GREAT price!!!! I have the black version of this on it's way to me!!! I already have the khaki/black sig one and the '06 whiskey....LOVE the shoulder bags!!!!!