My New Baby -- First BE & D

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  1. I won this beauty on Ebay for $219.99. She is so pretty - the leather is scrumptious and there is much quality. The weight took me by surprise -- very heavy. I bought the bag as used and there are a few scrapes, but they actually show in photos much more than in person. She can't have been used much, because the fastener for the price tag is still attached.

    Anyone else have this brand? Thoughts? Name of this style? Thanks!



  2. Wow, what a deal, nice bag!!
  3. nice deal! after purchasing my first chloe, never again... too heavy for me. My shoulders ached for a good 2 weeks.

    Enjoy your bag =)
  4. Rondafaye -
    I think the style is called Deitrich and indeed, Be&D makes great quality bags. I have two of their bags: one is the Garbo, similar styling to yours and another completely different style called Ingrid.
    Here are photos for your viewing pleasure......and congrats on a GREAT score!!!

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  5. Nice bag!

    I missed out on a couple of Be&D bags that looked similar to your bag...I think they were called the 'Garbo' style, but I do not remember them having the pocket.

    Yours is so cute! Congrats! :woohoo:
  6. whoa, so cool! congrats!
  7. I just wish she were more photogenic. The leather is gorgeous in person!
  8. great deal! congrats!
  9. Congrats! Beautiful bag!
  10. Rondafaye, gorgeous! Is the hardware silver or gold?
  11. Congrats...Be & D makes some great bags.Enjoy her...
  12. Nice bag!
  13. Gorgeous bag!!
    Here's my 1st and only Be&D bag it's huge and kind of heavy.I've only used it once and that day, the dh carried it most of the day! :roflmfao:

  14. Ronda...we have similar taste! I have the same bag but didn't get nearly the deal that you did...guess I should've waited. Mine was purchased from NM in November for about $450.....on sale! Like all my other Be&D bags, the leather is incredibly soft.

  15. Bagachrondriac _ We sure do have similar taste! I love the bag in your darker shade. $450 is great! I just got a deal because I stumbled across an EBay bargain. I love the bag. It is an "ooh!" bag. The kind where you open the box and say, "Ooh"! In a good way.

    Varied_Obsessions -- Love your bag, too. I saw that one and thought it was so unique with the asymmetrical flap.