My new baby came! (heavy graphics, you've been forewarned!)

  1. My Chanel came on this morning, only two days after I've placed an order. I love Fedex! :heart: :heart: I was so busy at work and couldn't wait to come home for this treat!

  2. :sad: The picture is too small or is it just my computer?. I want to see
  3. It's small on my computer, too! :sad:
  4. I have to compliment their packaging btw. The package came with the box and bow looking so perfect it didn't feel like it's been through a lot of traveling. :love:


    Swanky, how do I reattach photo onto post after uploading using manage attachment?
  5. Cant see :sad:
  6. really? why is it so big on mines? let me try to fix it. I was shrinking it so it won't crash people's computer. :blink:
  7. the 2nd photo is larger. Can you use the Manage Attachments option so we can click on them to make them bigger?
    Also, you add them all in one post.
  8. I see the pic VERY big, but I like!!!!!
  9. Ooh what is it? I can only see the box and bag! And GREAT packaging btw!
  10. I only see a HUGE pic of a Chanel box. The other photo is not showing up; PhotoBucket says the link is no longer available... bummer! Can you try and repost? I want to see your beauty!
  11. Okay, I've gotten a better hang on this - let's see if this is better.

  12. You're doing it!

  13. nope, it's not the same as the second photo. There's another wrapping within the sleeper bag! They do take their time protecting my baby. :heart:

  14. Sorry for the tease ladies.

    Here it is!

  15. Oh it's fabulous!!! Congrats!!