My new Baby Cabas!

  1. I got my black Baby Cabas today. :yahoo: It was love at first sight.:love:


  2. CONGRATS!The black baby cabas is my all time fave bag!!
  3. Congrats Tammy518!!! Lucky you! did u see any white ones around? gosh i am trying to close my jaw from drooling over your baby cabas....
  4. it's a nice bag...Congrats!
  5. I'm not sure if there are any white ones left or not. I'm *thinking* my SA had a white one a week or two ago, but I'm not sure. You can try Indra at the Tyson's Corner, VA, boutique at 703-847-0555. I hope you're able to find one. It's a great bag!
  6. Congrats! Oh, I wish I had wanted one sooner. I'm sure the black ones are all gone by now! Enjoy yours, because it looks amazing on you. :smile:
  7. It's so gorgeous! Condrats on finding a baby in black! My white baby is on her way, I should her by Wednesday. Cute pug too!
  8. Thanks! Your furbaby is adorable too! Can't wait to see the pics of your white Baby Cabas.
  9. Thanks! You should really try to snap one up even in any color. It is such a great, easy-to-wear bag.
  10. congrats....
    it looks great on you.....
  11. Congratulations.
  12. Tammy, I love it. Its definitely a must have bsg in any color! I can't believe you were able to get ahold of one. Enjoy her.
  13. :yahoo:Congrats Tammy, your wish came true in like 3 days!! It looks gorgeous on you!

    May I ask where did you manage to score this gem? I'm actually first on the list for the Spring shipment but I just can't wait that long anymore......gotta have my hands on one asap! H-E-L-P!!!:hysteric:
  14. It looks FABULOUS on you Tammy.:heart:
  15. Tammy I'm so glad you found one! Congrats, it looks gorgeous on you. :love: