My new baby birthday gift!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hello everone its a glorious day! Today is my beloved birthday!! AND I PICKED Out the keepall in damier, for use in school and just wherever!!! I was going to get the naviglio but When i saw this i had to have it. Today we also got my mothers new paroli in damier that was dameged as you all know from a perevious thread!! BUt i love this bag!!!
    222 001.jpg 222 003.jpg 222 004.jpg 222 007.jpg 222 005.jpg
  2. Very nice! Congrat's
  3. Your blue Antigua Pochette Plate GM would look GREAT inside... :biggrin: Congrats and happy b-day Mike. :biggrin:

    Glad you didn't get the Naviglio!!! It's super small!!!
  4. Happy Birthday! I love your new keepall.
  5. happy birthday! im glad the paroli ordeal worked out =) damier is exquisite, isn't it?
  6. that is awsome CONGRATS!! and happy bday!!
  7. I have my brown one in there now
  8. Oops. You have brown? Sorry. I have a really bad memory... :Push:
  9. gorgeous! happy bday! :yes:
  10. wonderful - excellent choice !
  11. [​IMG]

    Hope you have a great day!!!
    Love you new LV, it looks so good in Damier.
  12. Happy birthday, and congrats on the keepall, it looks amazing!
  13. happy birthday!!

    I LOVE the keepall!!!!! (but isn't it a bit big for school?)
  14. Congrats, it looks great! Happy Birthday!! :smile:
  15. Juan your stupid! its sitting in the damn bag!! lol

    Congrats on the bag FashionMike! I love the Damier Keepall!
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