my new baby (bag that is)

  1. I have a confession...I have broken the Canadian customs laws and spent way over the alotted
    $ 50.00CDN for a day trip to the States. Couldn't help it...we were going to the Coach Outlet.
    I found a Legacy top handle pouch in white which was also 30% off too. I just love the lining, and it was such a surprise to open it up and have all these cheery colours popping out. So they also let me back into Canada without paying that was even better!
    This is my first "larger" bag from Coach, and so when I took it for the "test drive" I was really surprised just how much it holds.
  2. Congrats! I always go to the states for shopping and I never stay in my limit!
  3. That is such a cutie! Congrats on your find!
  4. that bag has an awesome lining that i've seen before. that is one of the main reasons why i'd love to get that bag. it would be my own little surprise everytime i open it. how contentful! but way to go, you didn't have to pay customs! hehe, not like saying that is a good thing, but hey, if you can get away with it, it's a plus ;). i really like the turnlock in the front of that bag! i'd be playing with it all the time
  5. Beautiful choice. Congrats on your new bag!
  6. Did you go to the fashion outlets of Niagara Falls?
  7. Very nice choice!
  8. Cute pouch!
  9. I love that bag! Great choice! I want to get it in black sometime...

    I didn't know Canada had a limit on spending! They sure don't allow much, do they? I'd be busted everytime. :p
  10. pursehappygal, congrats! What a cute pouch!
  11. Very cute!!
  12. Glad your visit was a success...congrats!
  13. That's BEAUTIFUL!! Does it fit on your shoulder or do you carry it in hand?
  14. hey, i don't blame you, i would be breaking laws's real cute!
  15. Very nice!

    Great price too!