My new baby (azur!)

  1. I was at Holts today, and the LV counter wasn't very busy. So I just had to "look" at her. I didn't think they would have any, but lucky for me, they did! Looking turned into taking it home though :nuts:


    Sorry the pics aren't very good
    The azur is way prettier in person, even my nonLVloving mom agreed with me. I looove it :smile::smile:
    Sorry, I bet you're all sick of seeing azur pochettes
  2. so gorgeous, congrats!
  3. ooh pretty! congrats!
  4. So pretty! Congrats...and we never get sick of seeing pics!!!!!!!!!
  5. Congrats! hope i have mine soon!
  6. Loves it! CONGRATS!
  7. congrats!
  8. Congrats!!!! Very Cute!! :yes:
  9. Congrats! Love your Azur pochette! We never get tired of seeing multiple new bags.:flowers:
  10. congrats!
  11. Congrats. No, we love seeing purses. Your Azur is beautiful.
  12. Thanks :yahoo: I love her
  13. Aw, I love Azur.
    Very pretty, enjoy your new baby! :flowers:
  14. lovely:love:
  15. Very nice! Congrats!