my new baby arrived....yayyyyy

  1. I got my orange 04 twiggy this morning and I am soooo happy with it! The picture makes it look darker but it's a "happy" orange color...:yahoo:


    And a picture of my 2004 bags::love:

  2. congrats sweetie!... =) it's purrrty.. =)
  3. so... did you try licking it? is it orange flavored? :biggrin:
  4. it's absolutely gorgeous! beautiful!
  5. So beautiful!! I am in love with orange b-bags!
  6. It's AWESOME! Congrads!!:yahoo:
  7. mlertpac..LOL:lol: it's yummy!!!!!

    waterfalls...thanks...accckkk I need a lilac 04 (sweetie, tom I'll get that lilac 04 that we have talked about, it was shipped already..hehehehehe):graucho:

    lucky,AA and Jenn thanks:love:
  8. Wow what a rare gem! It's gorgeous!
  9. Wonderful, congrats!
  10. thanks ladies and most esp. thanks to SeaH - girl! this bag is D bomb!!! LOL:lol: :yahoo: :wlae:
  11. Congrats!
  12. OMG ... Sweetie "N" .... it's soooooooooo GORGEOUS :tender: :love: !! CONGRATS to your whole AMAZING collection - I really LOVE each of them - but especially YOU :heart: :yes: . . . ENJOY all your bags honey :queen: (my bbag-queen)
  13. OMG; I have never seen an orange twiggy. It is just so beautiful! Congrats on such an awesome bag!!
  14. beautiful!!
  15. congrats it's a beautiful bag :love: :girlsigh: as your whole collection. I truly love it :yes: