My new baby arrived... but...

  1. My new baby arrived today...the Edith bowling bag in a beautiful brown. You ever has this sneaking feeling and you just need some input? Well, that's me.

    I am wondering why the lining is brown twill & not black (like the Edith Classic Satchel). Not that I am complaining, I like the brown. The stitching is dark... could be "chocolate" or "black" in different lights... so, the lining looks great with the bag... and, again, I like that brown is easier than black to keep looking good.

    Too, in the inside pocket there was a black CHANEL care card. CHANEL?

    Even though this is from NAP, should I be worried?

    This is my first bowling bag, so I want to be sure I haven't been taken for a ride. The Edith Classic Satchel in this same color, with the same stitching, is lined in BLACK. The new Edith Bowling Bag is lined in chocolate. I'm just a little perplexed!

    Zippers, stitching, leather and "feel" of this bag are all in keeping with what I'd expect.

    The "scrunch factor" is just too, too yummy!


  2. I don't really know about the Edith, but I think you are bound to be okay buying from NAP. But call them and ask about the Chanel card, see what they say.
  3. I just ran up to check my bags. My edith bowler has brown interior and my edith satchel has black! I bought them both from NM, so I guess you don't have to worry!!!:tup:Congratulations!
  4. Hi Lynnie!

    Thanks SO MUCH for checking both or your bags!
    I knew NAP was legit, but just panicked a little when the linings didn't match :smile: Call me paranoid!!!

    Rubyola...thanks for your input as well. I will call them & see what they say about the Chanel card...not really worried though!! You girls took a small load off of my mind!! Have a GREAT weekend!
  5. pics pics pics
  6. Yes, I'd love to see pics too! :yes:

    At least with NAP you don't have to worry about authenticity. Wonder how the Chanel card got in there? Was there a Chloe one?
  7. congrats!

    can't wait to see pics.
  8. Hey Guys! Chloe card in the bag...just the Chanel card in the pocket where one would expect to find the Chloe care card :smile: I'm really not worried at all...thinking someone from NAP in stocking or shipping perhaps just switched them. Who knows? Maybe there's a Chanel bag out there who has a Chloe care card arriving to it's new owner!

    I'm going to post pics today or tomorrow...she really is amazing! The leather on the bowler is so scrunchy & squishy & has that fabulous pebbled leather ALL OVER!!
    Can you tell I'm in love?