My new baby and 1st MC piece!

  1. Today I exchanged my mandarin mini agenda for my white MC wapity!:yahoo: :wlae:

    Hope these pictures show up:



  2. Congrats! :yahoo:
  3. cute buy!! congrats!! I've always wanted a mc wapity!!
  4. oh yay, how cute!!!! congrats!:flowers: :heart: what are you gonna put in it?!:nuts: :love:
  5. whatcha gonna put in it? and its lurvley btw!
  6. Congrats. I have yet to use mine. Poor thing just sits in the closet.
  7. aw, the wapity is so cute, congrats! :biggrin:
  8. congrats!!!!!
  9. Excellent choices. You'll find so many reasons to use the wapity and the cerises cles! Enjoy them.
  10. Thanks, everyone!:flowers:

    Here is part of an email from my aunt this morning:

    .... White Wapity is happy to be with you !! Take good care of her!
    I'll tell you something else which is beautiful about Wapity . . . the LV s on both sides are the right way up . . . not like Speedy with one side upside down!!! Wapity just has it right !
    Now here is the Wapity family: James' has the "ah cha" (East Indian brown)
    Mine is the "huk huk Eng" (black & with my name)
    Your's is the "gwai lau" (white ...should say "gwai lo" but we put your last name in there like me)
    Pretty funny hey !
    How was Wapity's first night! What did she think of the other LV family members? Hope they all get along! Congratulations again & we are really happy to welcome your Wapity to the family!
    Talk to you soon.

    Love LV Yee

    Pretty funny, eh? Haha, for those of you who are chinese you know that "Yee" means aunt!:P
  11. Looove your Wapity! Congrats!:yahoo: That e-mail your aunt sent is soooo cute!:heart:
  12. I'd give anything (except about $350 right not) to have the mandarin agenda...:drool:

    But, the wapity will be fabulous, congrats!
  13. 2 new fun pieces and an Aunt who shares the same passion...smiles all around!
  14. Congrats