My New Babies

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  1. #1 Oct 7, 2012
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  2. Congratulation! Both are beautiful.
    Is it the Mini Alexa?
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  4. Thanks Bine yes the Mini Alexa :smile:
  5. Thank you Mooshooshoo I love the little cutey. :smile:
  6. You're welcome.......

  7. Lovely bag and purse! Hope you will enjoy the mini Lexy. Its a great little bag.:biggrin:
    Did you return the other bags you revealed earlier or did you decide to keep them also?
    (Lol, I still has a horrible "i want that bag"- urge since you you revealed that foxglove sbs earlier...I'm trying to pursuade my family that we really need an urgent trip trip to the UK so I could grab one for myself....:cry::nogood::shucks:
    Pity the outlets doesn't ship within the Eu at least...:tdown:
    Happy that you seem to have found a lovely bag and a cute purse, I think you'll get good use from them both! :smile:
  8. and what beautiful babies they are too....congrats!!....:loveeyes:
  9. I love these there're beautiful! Is the purse/wallet from an outlet ? I hadn't seen it before..... Would love one myself ! :smile:
  10. Hi Baginuse
    Thats for the lovely comment, sadly i did return the Foxglove SBS as i feared i wouldnt use it and it would be sitting in a dustbag forever.
    Do you not have an outlet where you are?

    The bag is a preloved which is why it has a wonderful colour.:smile:
  11. Thanks Roxaholic, I was a bit worried about how small these were. But after cupcake shared the contents of hers that made my mind up.
  12. Thanks allyloupuppy :smile:

    I managed to get the purse new from ebay as the outlets had sold out
  13. Aha, thats why your bag had such lovely sheen on the leather. Somehow bags always looks a bit better after they has been used for a short while, at least I think so.
    Oh, I agree completly, better to have bags that you will use a lot than just staying in the dustbag, better to returning them. I should do the same, but i'm not there yet.
    No, we have no Mulberryoutlets at all here up in the cold north of Scandinavia. That means a trip to Uk for visiting one. But perhaps I think I might have succeded in persuading my daugheter that a trip to the UK is a lovely idea...:smile:
  14. They are so cute - congrats!