My New Babies!

    my mom bought me the coach, i and i bought the juicy
    im going to orlando in 2 days so i thought it would be perfect so i would be hands free of a purse
    oh yea and im planning on going outlet shopping =]

    and the new juicy!
  2. Gorgeous! I love the white stripe on the cute. Have a fun & safe trip to Orlando. If you get anything (coach) we all would love to see it.
  3. I know this is completely off the Coach thread, but if you go to London, there is an amazing outlet centre about an hour away (this seems a lots but its an easy drive), and they sell Versace, Dior, Burberry, and (my favourite) Mulberry! All the bags are dicounted - last time I was there I got a Mulberry Roxanne for instead £295 of £595, and a Mulberry Araline for £207 instead of £295 - last one in the shop, a gorgeous tangerine colour!
  4. I love that swing pack! I love the brown and white combo
  5. OT- Sorry martiinii just have to ask a ?--shopper are you certain they're real? If they are maybe you should start a thread on the handbags subforum...since it doesn't really involve coach at all.
  6. GORGEOUS! The swing pack will come in handy in orlando, I always take mine when I go there.
  7. no big deal- yes i am for certian they are real, i purchased them both from Nordstroms, and i have never known them to sell any one or me a fake bag.

    but sorry, ill remeber that next time, i just thought i would share my new coach purchase with the ladies on the coach board, since i am on this board the most and since it is coach.

    but thanks for letting me know that its better suited for the handbags board. =]
  8. No, martiinii..LOL I was talking to Shopper12..She was talking about Versace, Dior & other handbags besides coach..I was just wondering why she came on the coach forum talking advertising for an outlet mall. Sorry for the confusion
  9. lol, im sorry =]...i was just like....wha? lol i totally understand, and now i feel kinda stupid
  10. Congrats!! Have fun on your trip!
  11. Congrats!!!
  12. I have that same Swing Pack and LOVE it! I was never into white leather at all (and would avoid it at all costs) but the Coach white leather is so yummy! Have a great trip! Oh and your Juicy bag is cute too!
  13. I love them both they are so cute! Have fun outlet shopping, cant wait to see your new purchases!
  14. congrats!
  15. Luscious! Thanks so much for sharing.