***My New Babies!***

  1. It's been a very good month! And with the pink craze going on, I figured I'd hold myself over with a little something. ;)

    Small Bleecker Zip

    Duffle Wristlet

    Pink Sonoma Duffle

    Group Picture (cheese)
  2. I love your new goodies! I love the pink duffle! I think I might have to get that one too! Congrats!
  3. Nice choices! Congrats!
  4. Great items!!! I got my black Bleecker today, too!
  5. Very nice, but I'm lovin' the pink!:love:
  6. Great finds... that pink is so pretty :love: Enjoy :tup:
  7. Thanks everyone! :biggrin: I'm looking for accessories for the duffle now. What to wear with pink?
  8. I really like the pink duffle!
  9. Congrats on all the goodies, esp. the pink duffle!
  10. Very nice! Congrats!
  11. Great Stuff. I love the pink duffle!!!
  12. Beautiful purses.
  13. :roflmfao::lol::roflmfao::lol: group picture (cheese)....way too cute!
  14. Lol. Somebody caught it!
  15. Congrats on your new happy family!!