*my new babies*

  1. ladies, i present you my new babies!!! :yahoo:

    the work in Ivory with Gold Giant Hardware & the work in Lead with Silver Giant Hardware!
    i'm in :heart::heart::heart: with both colours! i think its such practical colours & size !! basically it's PERFECT!! :wlae:

    i prefer the ivory with gold hardware than the silver ones because it just brings out the ivory more. the silver & ivory combo was a bit too subtle for me. BUT i like the subtleness of the lead with silver hardware, go figure :sweatdrop:.

    here's a few photos i took with flash & without flash!


  2. :nuts: CONGRATS!!! They are so pretty!!! I like the ivory with gold hardware too :drool:
  3. :drool:WOW!!!:drool: I LOVE them! Isn't the Ivory just beautiful?! I love Plomb with SGh! Great choices! ENJOY!
  4. I :heart:love:heart: that gold with Ivory! YUMMY!!
  5. They are both so unbelievably gorgeous!!!! Perfect colors and hardware to match! The leather looks amazing too! Makes me want to return my Violet for one of these......!
  6. wow! best bbag buddy :tup:
  7. Great choices! congrats!
  8. Gorgeous bags. Congrats!
  9. Love how the ivory looks with the GGH!!!!
  10. gorgeous bags!! congrats!
    it's like yin and yang...:smile:
  11. Totally!!

    Beautiful :heart:

  12. wow~~~~ very nice~~!! congrats!!!!
  13. WOW... congrats~! How will you ever share the love for both at once!!! Wear one on each hand... j/k. CONGRATS!
  14. Ohh wow!!! Both of them are beautiful!!!
  15. oooh I've been wanting to see how the ivory is with the GGH! now i know! both absolutely gorgeous! CONGRATS!