My new babies. Welcome them.

  1. Hey all i just got these 4 beautiful items. I wanted to coordinate. I saw Ichelles noe with her groom and i thought it was fabulous so i had to get it in yellow but then i thought it look great in red too so i went for it. ( so thank you ichelle) I thought it looked so beautiful so i had to have all four please welcome. Petit Noe red and Petit Noe Yellow with their fellow Groom's . I just love this forum. :heart:

  2. Gorgeous! :yes:
    I would love the red groom for my red noe but theres none left :sad:
  3. Love em. they go great together.
  4. They are all stunning! Love the matching groom scarves to go with the noes!
  5. :nuts: :drool: everything!! congrats
  6. Congrats!! They're beautiful!!
  7. Very beautiful! I love the red!
  8. So gorgeous! Love the matching! Is your red the new or old EPI red? It's really beautiful!
  9. Welcome to your LV goodies! Nice pairs!
  10. Lovely, congrats!
  11. Thank you all. I just bought the red petit noe from a fellow TPer i think is the old red but im not sure . But its soooo pretttyyyyy/:heart:
  12. Stunning! congrats!
  13. Twins! Very cute!
  14. beautiful, congrat's.
  15. Those grooms look so pretty with your noe bags.:nuts: