My new babies, should i let go one of them?

  1. Hi gals, I've having a bit of trouble here and need all your help. I have purhcased 8 burberry handbags in a private sale 2 days ago, and i'm thinking if i should let go one or two of the bags that i bought from the sale. i think i will keep the smaller ones, but let go a bigger shoulder bag. here are the pictures of the bags, and i am so undecided now, but considering that i bought 8 burberry bags (impulse purchase) at the same time, i think it is a bit silly to keep all of them? your thoughts will be much appreciated. thanks. here are the photos
    burberry manor.JPG
  2. Hi there - not a fan of the top one - personally would keep the middle one (favorite of the three pictured) & last one is also very nice. First one just not as pretty as the other two!

    I imagine the other 5 are stunning!
  3. I LOVE the leather one! And #2 bag.
  4. re-read our rules before posting again:tdown:
  5. Wow 8 bags- I would keep them all! Realistically, I like the first bag the best
  6. I like the Manor bag and the leather one- of the three I'd definitely return the 2nd one.
  7. I like the manor bag, but I also like the westbury #2. I would return #3.
  8. I'd have to say return #3, but that's because I'm obsessed with the check.
  9. return #1. Too boxy!
  10. I really think you should send #2 to me as an early Christmas gift. :graucho:
  11. I like number 3.
  12. keep the manor and return the second one! its too similar.. however im not a fan of the third either..
  13. I would keep the manor and return #2 and #3.
    I agree, as much tempting as it sounds, you won't need 8 Burberry bags purchased at the same time...

    Good luck:smile:
  14. it depends on the style you like
    the first and the leather one have large hardware so it depends if you are a fan of that or not the second one doesn't look that expensive so i would get rid of that one
  15. I like 1 and 3! Let go of 2