My new babies!! Cinammon Day and marine City~

  1. I just received my Cinamon Day from UPS guy and am sooooooo happy!!
    The color is just perfect for the fall and leather is also so yummy.
    I had my Marine City since Sept. but have not posted the pics.
    So here they are!!
    One thing that bugs me is that the Day bag was sent from BalNY in a shopping bag!! not in the box.
    But my SA is forgiven because Day bag is gorgeous!! hehe^^:roflmfao:
    daycity 002.jpg daycity 003.jpg daycity 007.jpg daycity 005.jpg
  2. [​IMG]
    Love your Day! It's really a wonderful color!!! Congrats!:drool:
  3. Congrats!! :flowers: I especially like the leather on your Day, wowza!
  4. so pretty! congrats on your beauties. enjoy them!
  5. YIKES.................i love cinnamon and blessings know how much i love her day...............................Yours is just as gorgeous and marine is HOTT too.

  6. Both of your bags are so gorgeous. I want your day.
  7. both bags are gorgeous!!! I love love the marine city, the leather looks beautiful!
  8. she's gorgeous!!!!:drool:
  9. It took me sooooo long to decide on cinammon and I'm so happy I did that. Also, I initially wanted SGH but GGH looks sooooo much better. I'm in heaven~~
    Thanks everyone for your kind comments.:yahoo:
  10. TDF bags!!!! I love marine so much!!!~ and the cinnamon is gorgeoussss!!!!!
  11. Oh its gorgeous!! I just love the darker colours with the GGH!! It really makes the bag pop!! COngrats!!
  12. That day is HEAVENLY!!
  13. Very pretty bags, congrats! I bought a day fom Balny in person and they didn't even offer to give me a box, that's ok because I don't keep my bags in boxes anyway.
  14. Congrats!
  15. The cinnamon with GGH is so hot!! It's the first time I've seen that combo and you definately made the right choice. Congrats!