My new babies... black N/S MC tote, light silver reissue and more - pics! :)

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  1. Hi!! I just wanted to share my recent bags with all of you lovely ladies! :smile:
    My white soft caviar flap w/ the MM lock/chains. :love:

    With my flap recently in Vegas (on the way to a wedding haha... it was about 208248348 degrees there)!

    I actually had a green perfo E/W, but had some strap issues, so my mom nicely went to exchange it for me when she was in the city (and got me a bag surprise in the process - see next pic :nuts:), but then I ended up exchanging it anyway for white soft caviar flap, which I'm absolutely loving!!!

    My cute mom's "Jumbo" surprise for me (black caviar flap w/ silver h/w)!! :heart:

    Me "modeling" her haha.

    I love pink (what can I say haha), and couldn't resist this pretty pink Medallion tote, and at a great price (thanks to a sweet pfer, yay)!

    Me with my pink Medallion tote :heart::
  2. I have a dark silver 226 reissue, but couldn't get the light silver out of my head (especially after seeing so many beautiful ladies here rockin' it amazingly well), sooo...

    Introducing Miss light silver 225 reissue (sorry about the boring clothes... I wore that to class today - not the reissue though haha, that would be unnecessary):

    Miss light silver reissue 225, and her big sis, my dark silver reissue 226 side by side (hopefully there won't be any sibling rivalry hehe) :p:

    Lastly, I fell in love with the Modern Chain tote, and was going to get one for a while, but pushed the thought aside until I saw some recent pics of the black N/S MC tote (Jenn!! It's your fault for looking so amazing with every bag of yours haha)! The new glazed calfskin is sooo gorgeous IMO, and coupled with the brighter silver chains, it's freakin hot. :p

    My black MC N/S tote :love::

    Me with my MC baby:

    Thanks so much for letting me share!! :heart:
  3. Minal, ALL YOUR BAGS are :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:!!!!!!!!
    amazing purchases all, and you look FAB with each and every single one of them! your collection is truly TDF right now! Congrats!
  4. OMG!!:nuts:I love all your new babies!!!!!!! Congrats! You have GREAT taste!!!!!:heart:
  5. Uh, you are my idol! lol! Great taste and can I just say that I :heart::drool: that dress you wore to the wedding??!!!!
  6. OMG - I'm drooling over all your new purchases but wow - that n/s MC looks groovy on you (LOL! I'm dating myself...). So tell me - how come you didn't get the n/s MC in brown? Have you seen it IRL?? The black/silver combo is gorg!
  7. Minal!! Whoa.. That's a lot for now!! Congrats on all your babies!! They all look TDF!!
  8. Beautiful collection! Love your dresses too!
  9. :drool::drool: You got some gorgeous bags there Minal! Please take some pics of your entire collection, including your Chanel accessories? I want to drool more. LOL.
  10. nightshade - Aww, thank you!! :heart: You always look fabulous with your Chanels in every picture I've seen!!

    bb10lue - Thank you!! :heart: Your white J12 is gorgeous, and you rock the black baby Cabas so well!! :tup:

    alouette - Aww haha, thanks!! :p Ohhh... NM might still have it, and on sale (DVF)!! I'm sure you would look amazing in it... it's so pretty and summery IMO! :smile:

    roey - Thanks girl!! :heart: Actually, don't shoot haha... but my black Caviar and Pony tote is probably getting the boot, because I always wanted the MC as my one black, edgy tote... so this is its replacement! I actually was also going to get the dark brown MC E/W tote, but the one my SA held for me had this weird distressing front and center, so I'm going to wait and see if another one comes in... but then, there's talk about a brown caviar GST, so now I'm totally confused, ahh! :confused1:

    iqaganda - Aww thanks Rica... I love all of your gorgeous reissues!!! :love:
  11. jbelle - Thank you!! :flowers:

    ocgirl - Aww, thank you!! :heart: Haha... wellll... that might take a while (need the house to myself hehe), but I will someday!! ;)
  12. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Your Chanels are so GORGEOUS!!!! I can't believe you have both the dark and light silver reissues. Simply amazing!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!:heart::drool::yahoo:

    I am so jealous here!!
  13., you have a great collection of beautiful bags. Great pictures of you and your bags!!!!
  14. :drool::yahoo::drool:

    Congratulation on your beautiful bags!
    They all look Hot on you.
    I'm totally in love with your pink bag!!!
  15. Wow!!:drool::drool::drool: They are just gorgeous!! you have all the bags that I want....Congrats!! and you model them so well!!