My New Babies Are Here!!!! Pix!!!!!

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  1. Just got these beauties today. I bought gray Reissue 2.55 (227 size) bag from the fellow tPF'er . Special thanks to her. The funny thing is while I was waiting for the mailman to come in, I got a call from my favorite Chanel SA from Neiman Marcus and was notified that my Lady Braid IN GRAY COLOR is here:choochoo:. I've been on the wait list for quite a while. Here are my new gray&gray sisters:wlae:. You can see the color difference on these pictures. I made the photo of Chanel tag on Lady Braid for your references.:smile:





  2. woahhhhhhh! that lady braid is STUNNING (and the reissue too but man, the lady braid!).

    LOVE it!
  3. Congratz on these 2 beauties! Enjoy them in good health. :yes:
  4. By the way the handles on Lady Braid are long, so the bag is very comfortable on the shoulder.:tup:



  5. omigod they're both GORGEOUS, congrats!!! can i ask how much the lady braid satchel was?
  6. Gorgeous bags, and loving that gray.
  7. Fabulous bags....congrats!!! Very pretty.:smile:
  8. Congratulations! Great choices!! Love them.
  9. Wow, lucky you! Congrats, they're both lovely!
  10. Those are both stunning! They make a great pair :tender:
  11. Congrats! They both look beautiful :smile:
  12. $2,995
  13. oh they're both stunning!:drool::drool:

    Modeling pics please!
  14. Love the Lady Braid, the reissue is stunning, congrats!!
  15. What gorgeous colors.... Congrats... Love it! :nuts: