My new B Fendi wedges are so comfy! *pic*

  1. And they match my beige b fendi wallet! :p :yahoo:
  2. Cute!
  3. Those are adorable! Love the cute buckle.
  4. Very nice-they look comfy too
  5. Those are sooo cute!!!!
  6. They sure do look comfy!

    Very nice.
  7. those are really cute and they score extra points for looking good AND being comfy!
  8. they look very comfy.
  9. :smile: :smile: cute
  10. V.nice, congrats
  11. Super cute!!
  12. congrats! luv it!!
  13. so cute! me likes!
  14. ^^^ Thank you all!!! :biggrin: I wore them this past weekend, and they felt SO comfortable.
  15. I love those! Very cute!