My new B-bags!

  1. Just wanted to show off my new Twiggys. Emerald green and truffle, I bought them by accident?!:Push: (yeah right!) I originally went to S.F. Neimans to see if they had a grenat Twiggy, no such luck. I then saw the truffle Twiggy and immediately fell in love THEN, I saw the emerald! :nuts: I got both as you can see.
    (2) Balenciaga - Twiggy (Emerald Green - 06) - 105.JPG (3) Balenciaga - Twiggy (Truffle - 06) - 1055.JPG
  2. wow love those twiggies pursemama! congrats:yahoo:
  3. wow! beautiful! I was fondling a truffle work in AR the other day... it's really a great color for fall. yumm! congrats!
  4. :drool: pursemama 0o0o0o0o YUMMY!!! :drool: :nuts: I'm totally loving the emerald the colour looks WONDERFUL!!! congrats on your new b-bags and thanks for sharing pics!!!! :yahoo:
  5. congrats!!! lovely!:heart:
  6. They are both gorgeous! Congratulations, I love those kinds of "accidents"!
  7. gorgeous! congrats!!!
  8. Gorgeous! I love your twiggys! :love:
  9. Thank you everyone!! *kiss kiss*:kiss:
  10. Sooooo pretty:drool: What great colours for fall! Enjoy those beautiful Twiggys :party:
  11. Go pursemama!! I love those twiggies! :jammin:
  12. Love them! I love that you came home with 2 new bags!!!! :yahoo: They are gorgeous!!!!!!!!:love:
  13. Gorgeous, both of them! I really love the truffle twiggy, I want one.:yes:
  14. Love both of them - I hate it when accidents like that happen. Congrats on your new Twiggy's.
  15. Yay for twiggys, and I always love to see another truffle twiggy!