My new B-Bag!

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  1. I know many of you don't like the new Fendi B-Bags and that was my opinion too. But today I went by a shop window and there it just hit me.

    CIMG2407.JPG :blink:

    It is made of linen and leather which I think takes away a little bit the lady-look and makes it more sporty so that I want to wear it also with a pair of jeans and t-shirt.

    Give your honest opinion!
  2. still not crazy about it. but as long as you're happy, that's all that matters! it's a nice color combination.
  3. I don't think it's something I would carry, but this one looks much better than the gaudy patent leather ones I am always seeing in Fendi ads.
  4. I kinda like it!
  5. Not for me but if you like I say go for it!
  6. Not my style, but Congrats to you!
  7. I like this style better than any of the others. I have to say, I just love those big buckles! Congrats!
  8. Definitely different, but I would have liked a version that would be for both casual and dressy. I didn't even know bbags were available yet....As long as you like it thats all that matters!
  9. It's one of the prettier ones I've seen, but I'm still not crazy about that style in general.
  10. Agree w/most others, not my style but as long as you enjoy that bag, that's all it matters. Congrats on your new bag!
  11. I love the color combo. But you sould be careful of that light color linen... I know for me (since I don't really baby my bags... GASP!!!) that would be a problem.

    I'm glad that you love it though. That's what really counts ;)
  12. I don't like the color combo.
  13. LOVE IT-where did you see it?????!!!
  14. Nice bag. I love the linen and leather combo. Congrats.
  15. The bag is OK. I don't know about the linen. I would be afraid of it getting dirty quickly.