My new b-bag... what color is this?

  1. I went back to Barney's and bought the bbag I had fallen in love with for it's unique, wrinkly, veiny leather. I love it!:yahoo:
    What color is this? I forgot to ask when I bought it.
    STP60746.jpg STP60747.jpg
  2. It looks Truffle to me.:yes:
  3. I vote Truffle too!
  4. YUM!!!!!!!!!!! I love that color!!!!!!!!!
  5. I think it's a TRUFFLE (I have a City in this colour and it's delish!)
    Love the Day style! :smile:
    Congrats and have fun using it :biggrin:
  6. thanks for the compliments. :heart:
  7. Truffle
  8. wow, it's one gorgeous truffle indeed.
  9. Gorgeous. Almost like croc. Enjoy and congrats on that lovely bag....
  10. I thought it was marron (olive brown) because it looks dark