My new B-Bag Pls leave me some comment

  1. :heart:after struggle of what to buy ! between violet silver giant city & anthracite golden hardware giant city 07.
    here i got it from the proper shop in thailand.

    my giant city ANthracite golden hardware!!!
    what do u think? :love:
    b1.jpg b12.jpg b123.jpg
  2. its gorgeous!
  3. Congratulations, the bag is fab!! I love anthracite! :tender:
  4. Excellent choice!! Really beautiful!! Enjoy!!
  5. i love anthra ggh! its one of the best GGH combos so far! definitely a keeper! but then again, I do have the violet sgh as well!
  6. Beautiful!!! Congratulations!
  7. Great choice - really classy - both glamorous and subtle.
  8. Shes gorgeous, congrats *hugs*
  9. Very lovely!! Grats!!!
  10. so pretty, congrats :biggrin:!!
  11. u guy think
    Anthracite giant city VS aquamarine giant city ~
    what do most pp choose? if you can only buy one bag !?
  12. Personally I'd go for anthracite
  13. Gorgeous bag! Enjoy!!:yahoo:
  14. Great choice, rainie_ma!!:tup::tup: Anthracite is on my wishlist but in Work style with giant silver hardware or regular hardware. Your bag looks gorgeous!!!
  15. thank you so much nada :heart::heart::heart::heart: