my new B.Bag B)

  1. not exactly what i wanted , but can't complain :s it came all the way from london.:shrugs:

    p.s. the pic doesnt do it much justice.:oh:
  2. adorable! How fun. I love it, congrats!
  3. :love: LOVE IT
  4. It is gorgeous! enjoy!
  5. Very cute. I'd love to have it now for the holidays.

  6. Oo it's very cute congrats! :yahoo:
  7. cute!!
  8. OMG that is the most CUTE YUMMMMY GORGEOUS LOVELY BEAUTIFUL b bag i had ever seeen ..woooooooooow:heart: many many congrats =)
  9. How cute!!! Congrats!!!
  10. Lovely bag, Congrats will be ideal for Spring
  11. I love the color combo.
  12. thanx all :tender:
  13. Oh the colors look so fun! Good for you for going with a non-traditional BBAG. Wear it in good health!
  14. :love: I love this Fendi B Bag! I have the patent blue trim, but I saw this in Selfridges and thought it was so cute! Congrats!
  15. Its Lovely!! Congrads!!