My New Azur Speedy

  1. Ok, so I got my speedy today! It is gorgeous! But I have some questions and need opinions. It's brand spanking new with the plastic still on the handles. But.... there is some tarnish from the lock on the tab and there is what looks like a little bit of a pen mark or 2 blue marks on the inside. i don't know what i should do about it- if anything. can you look at see what you think about it?

    oh and for anyone wondering it is made in france and the date code is SP0307 so it's really a newborn :smile:

    i also have some modeling pics- do you think it's too big? my regular damier 30 seems fine but this seems big to me for some reason.

    oh- and will the creases come out? it's pretty creased on the sides from being folded.

    thanks, sorry for all the questions- this is my first brand new speedy.
    IMG_3663.JPG IMG_3664.JPG IMG_3665.JPG IMG_3666.JPG IMG_3667.JPG
  2. more pics
    IMG_3671.JPG IMG_3673.JPG IMG_3676.JPG IMG_3677.JPG IMG_3680.JPG
  3. last of the pics
    IMG_3681.JPG IMG_3685.JPG
  4. Let me be the first to congratulate! Wear it in good health!!

    It doesn't look too big...It may look bigger than the regular because it is lighter in color.
  5. Hi Congrats on the Azur speedy it is a gorgeous bag. The creases will come out dont worry, I would not be happy about the pen marks at all & tarnish???
  6. That size looks great on you! I don't know why it has marks....but the good new is that you can't really see them.
    Enjoy your beautiful handbag!:happydance:
  7. Hey there! congrats on the bag!

    as for the tarnish near the lock, try using an eraser to take it off (works for me all the time), otherwise.... I think it's inevitable, sooner or later those black smudge spots will appear again so no use in returning/exchanging for another one
  8. Congrats!!!!!!!!!! It looks great! Hmmm the tarnish & pen marks....honestly I wouldn't accept that if it were me. I would demand they locate a new one!
  9. Congrats! Rock it girl. You're so lucky it was even born on the 3rd week of January! A really newborn Speedy!!!
  10. Congrats! Stuff your bag with fabric or bubble wrap and the creases should come out. With the marks - do you think it is so,ething you can live with? If not than call LV they will send you another one.
  11. the blue inside i couldn't get a good pic of. do you think the tarnish matter because it would happen anyway and it will patina around it? i can't decide if i should just let it go. i don't even know if there are any store in the city that have azur 30s?
  12. I can't see the marks in your pic, but it looks great on you. Doesn't look too big at all. Congrats!
  13. i will try the eraser trick. thank you. i don't know if i have a pencil here but i'll find one. lol.

    do you think there's any way to clean the inside? i tried getting it out with my nail and couldn't. i don't know what it could be.
  14. I saw the tarnish, couldn't see the pen wouldn't bother me, but I am not if it bothers you, def. send it back and have them send you a new one.

    Otherwise, congrats!
  15. Mr. Clean magic eraser!!!!!!!