My New Azur Pochette/Cles!!!

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  1. Hope everyone's not sick of seeing pics of the azur yet... I purchased the cles during the November's cyber monday, and the pochette was from the more recent cyber thursday. Now, all I need next is an azur speedy, and possibly a wallet! :yahoo: I just love how pretty and refreshing this line is, and I cannot wait to take them out!


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  2. NICE! Congrats! Gorgeous choices...

    Honestly, I can't get tired of seeing people's new things. :yes:
  3. Beautiful!!! LOVE the Azur line!! Congrats!!
  4. Beautiful. I love the Azur line.
  5. Congrats! it's great pick to start collecting more azur line,
    Enjoy :party:
  6. Congratulations!:love:

    naugh... I can't ever get enough Azur or LV. Wear them in good health. Enjoy!
  7. congrats! i love azur!
  8. congrats

    I love AZUR!
  9. Congrats :biggrin:
  10. Congrats! Its so pretty. :love:
  11. very nice, congrats!
  12. of course not sick of seeing people's new things or azur. Azur is so pretty! congrats on the new purchases!
  13. aww... thanks ladies! i don't often post pics, but i was just so excited when I opened up my package from elux today. :nuts:
  14. Congratulations! Can you wear the pochette on your shoulder without extender?
  15. How can I be sick of it. Totally awesome buys, they look so great together!