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  1. Wasn't he a cutie?!?! :girlsigh: :love:
  2. awww...absolutely....totally the cute cheeks...:love: :love: :cutesy: :cutesy: least you know you're going to have adorable kids Megs:love:
  3. How cute! Look at all that blond hair.
  4. OMG! how cute!:love: :biggrin:
    my mother in law gave me one of the cutest pics of my DH when he was 3 and visiting with her in Germany (his parents are German, and he didn't learn to speak English until he was old enough to play with the neighborhood kids) I love baby pics! :yes:Thanks for sharing with us! (Vlad will have to post one of you now:lol:)

  5. Very cute!
  6. Cute indeed with his little suspenders looking very german.
  7. Aww too cute
  8. Very cute!!! :smile:
  9. Such pinchable cheeks! Love the curly hair, too.;)
  10. awwww!
  11. Awww adorable!! :biggrin: hehe
  12. Awwww...way to cute!
  13. Oh My Goodness...I just want to pinch his cheeks. LOL
  14. Vlad in earlier days? :cutesy:
  15. Megs....Look @ Vlad!!!!! So Precious!!!!!!! You Are Going To Have The Most Beautiful Kids!!! :smile: