My New AV bag!!

  1. My new Adrienne Vittadini's Arianna Belted Satchel :smile: I had not heard of this name before until I got the bag at Macy's.
  2. Sweet...Love the color!
  3. Great collections.
  4. This thread is more suited in the H&P section.
  5. thanks :smile:

    If you go to their website a lot of the handbags are on sale plus 30% off so I saved about $100 something on my bag :smile:
  6. Gorgeous, I love the way it cinches at the top.
  7. i love that colour:smile:
  8. its very pretty!
  9. I just got two of their bags this past weekend! I didn't see this one in the store, the cinching is awesome.
  10. There was only two left at the Macy's that I went to and if you order online and chose one of the bags that are onsale then first call to make sure it's instock, because I ordered another bag and it didn't tell me it was instock. Only after I called did I find out that it was backordered so I have to wait till next year to get it :sad:

    Thanks for all your comments! :smile:
  11. Wow it's awesome! I love it! how much did you get it for?
  12. Very nice.. congratulations :smile:
  13. Ooh pretty! Nice color, congrats!