My New Authentic Louis Vuitton Bag

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    Well - I did it! I purchased my first Louis Vuitton Bag from Louis I have never spent $870.00 for a bag, but what the heck - It's Louis Vuitton! I am attaching a picture which is not of the best quality but let me know what you ladies think? This is the Damier Geant Canvas - Citadin NM Style #M93224. Take care!

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  2. ^^Congrats! You should post in the Louis Vuitton sub-forum. This area is more for celebrity sightings.
  3. Congratulations! I like it.
    I am sure the TPFers at the Louis Vuitton subforum would be glad to hear this.
    Post it there (:
  4. So Fabulous! Congratulations! I knew you wouldn't be sorry!