My new auction isn't showing up in search results

  1. OK I decided to list a handbag (thanks for all your help!) but it's been over 8 hrs since I listed it and it does NOT show up when I do an eBay search.

    Any ideas what's wrong? thanks!
  2. It will probably show up soon, handbags take especially long, sometimes over 12 hours to show up.
  3. ITA.. it takes a couple of hours or more sometimes...:shrugs:
  4. Don't worry, sometimes it took more than 12 hours to be searchable. I am afraid eBay hold bias on fahion seller.
  5. Designer high end items are supposed to take 24 hours to show!
  6. yep, wait at least 24 hours b4 getting concerned. i too panicked when i sold my first LV bag (and 9 hours had passed and still nothing), but rest assured, it *will* show up soon. it just takes a while for these items to be searchable, just cuz of all the issues with copyright, fakes etc
  7. Thanks for the reassurance!

    I contacted Live Help (chat) and they are no help. They told me it was an "indexing" problem.
  8. ^ yeah, live help typically is useless to me. i find that the eBay forums (e.g. "Seller Central") are MUCH more helpful with questions about various ebay issues. there are a lot of experienced ebay sellers on there that can answer various questions.
  9. Its not a indexing problem!!

    Everytime you list a designer item you get a box at the end of the listing saying that your item may not show up for some hours ( usually 24 hrs) but is searchable by item number. You can search want it now and if you give them your item number it will show up for them.

    But 24 hours is common. I am a powerseller and I still have to wait, if its something I want to get a lot for and i want people to see i list the item for 10 days, it gets seen for 9 days!
  10. Listings take up to 24 hours to show up...I always go with 10days I would rather spend the extra 40 cents and have the solid 9day exposure than get only 4days out of a 5day listing... Go figure Ebay would short change us with something...:roflmfao: