my new arrived pallas does not include a tag with model number

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  1. #1 Mar 24, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2014
    Hi TPF, my pallas finally arrived today. i am so excited and really love this new bag

    However, when i checked what's included with the bag, i only find one tag and a brown booklet . i thought LV bag always comes with two tags(like following pic) : one tag with bag materials info and the other one with model number , name and bar code info.

    The latter tag is missing with my newly arrived Pallas: it only comes with a tag stating material and tag with model number and bar code is missing. Should I worry about it? Or relax and enjoy my bag?


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  2. I feel like my Most recent purchase did not have the bar code tag with it, but really didn't pay much attention. I really wouldn't care too much as long as you are happy with the actual bag enjoy it! Now let's see a reveal!!
  3. i have never received that second tag either every time that i have ordered on line and i find it very odd that all of my six times that i have ordered from the website not even once did i receive the tag with the item # and model name. it doesnt really bother me that much bc i love all my items n dont intend to sell anything.
  4. Oh goodness I'm not sure what the worry would even be, you purchased it from LV so you know it's authentic. So of course yep you should relax and enjoy your bag. :smile: (Sometimes I've received no tags at all with online purchases. and I've VERY rarely received that bar code tag.) It could still be hidden in a seam though, or in the dust bag etc.. take another look. :smile: However I bet they are removed for online purchases most of the time, because they are store/boutique tags to scan for pricing, not pertinent at all for the buyer.
  5. Thanks for the comments.

    It is my second time purchased frm web and the first time it did have the tag with bar code coming with it..

    But not this time, i did see most of people revealing here do have a tag with bar code . and items selling at ebay all got tag with bar code, so i am automaticaly thinking it is always included..
  6. I know what you mean. I haven't been getting them at all either. Not from the Boutique or I really wish they would because I see them on The Bay a lot and I just somehow think I should have it.

    When I buy from the Boutique I'm going to start asking for it.

  7. It is my second purchase and it was inlcuded in my last purchase. so i thought it might affect if later resell it to replace something else if i had to
  8. I haven't seen them lately either. I wouldn't worry, just enjoy that great bag!
  9. they told me in the boutique that they have to keep it!
  10. Very rarely do I get the bar code tag. I don't quite mind after all I'm the only person using it.
  11. thanks a lot for all comments.

    I am new hand for LV collection. If the tag with bar code would not be guranteed to come with the online purchase, i would not worry it and will enjoy it..
  12. The last bar code tag I got had the alarm strip on it so I think they are keeping them now..
    And yes, I set the alarm off leaving.. lol
  13. Have been buying for many years in the UK, both in store and online, and have NEVER had the tag to which you refer!
  14. I've never received those 2nd tags you're talking about whether I buy online or from the store.
    It shouldn't affect resale value because tags don't guarantee authenticity and a buyer should know that because those tags could easily be put next to a fake bag (not saying yours is fake)
    To determine authenticity you need to look at the bag itself not all the paper/extras it comes with as those are removable. Relax and enjoy!