my new Aquamarine work!!!!


    I GAZE AT HER BEAUTY......MAY TAKE HER OUT FOR A WALK LATER:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    aqua work bag.JPG
  2. That is a STUNNER!!!! :yahoo: Wow, congrats and enjoy!
  3. Eeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!:nuts: Let me be the first to congratulate you. It's gooooooooooooooooooooorgeous!!!

    Nevermind! Murph beat me to the punch. Still congrats!!!
  4. let me be the first to say - gorgeous bag!!!!! congrats, she looks super yummy and the color is amazing!! enjoy your new beauty :yes:

    EDIT - LOL, we all thought we were first!!!
  5. YOWZA! She is pretty, we want modeling shots of you taking her out for a walk!
  6. Oh my goodness, a super gorgeous bag!! Congrats and can I wear her sometime????
  7. :wtf::drool:WOW That bag is gorgeous!!!!! I love the color, leather, double WOW!
  8. So beautiful!!! The leather and color are both gorgeous!!
  9. Beautiful!! How did you manage to get one? Congrats!! :tup: :love:
  10. Such an stunning bag.:nuts: I love the charm too. :yes:
  11. :wtf: That is CRAZY GORGEOUS!!! :nuts:
  12. Gorgeous!!!!! cOngrats :tup:
  13. So Pretty! Congrats!! This is why I want every blue I see!
  14. so beautiful! Love it!! That's going to attract compliments like crazy when you take her out!!
  15. Drool! Mouthwatering color! Makes me want to take a long vacation in the Carribean! Congrats.