My new Aqua city!! pics

  1. I love her, the color is amazing! like a saturated teal and dark turquoise, and the leather is very nice thick and distressed, not veiny.the color really stand out. The perfect mix between teal and turquoise 05. Here some pics( sorry a bit dark but my camera it's not very good:p )
    lv 206.jpg lv 213.jpg lv 229.jpg lv 231.jpg lv 208.jpg
  2. :yahoo: Congratulations:yahoo:

    It's gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous:drool:
  3. For the girls in Europe I purchased the bag in Bal paris, very fast shipping and easy to order, I think they still have the city in RH.
  4. OMG! It's stunning :heart:
    The color is gorgeous.
  5. Congrats!:yahoo:
    Aqua is very beautiful. :love:
  6. Congratulations, and she is beautiful! I love teal - stunning!
  7. Congrats!!! The color is TDF!!! I love drooling over everyones bags:nuts: :drool: :drool:
  8. Your bag is really, really pretty! What a beautiful color!
  9. Gorgeous color & leather!
  10. WOW, yummy leather and it is beautiful. :drool: Congrats.:yahoo:
  11. Gorgeous!!! Enjoy it! :smile:
  12. congrat~!! She's a real pretty one!
  13. Hey, lovelv, your new Aqua City is beautiful. Congratulations!!! :yahoo:
  14. Great leather on your's beautiful! Congrats!
  15. :heart: :yahoo: You got yourself one HOT bag!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!:heart: :yahoo: