My new aqua city: pics. in different lighting

  1. After indecision about the color, I finally decided to get an aqua city (after seeing all the beautiful aqua pics.). I'm so glad I did, because I absolutely love it! Here are pics. without flash and in sunlight (through blind) showing how the color can look in different lighting.

    I've done a lot of rotating (selling & buying) lately and I finally feel content. I think I'm done...until fall.
    aqua1frontnoflash.JPG aqua2frontsun.JPG aqua3backnoflash.JPG aqua4backsun.JPG
  2. I LOVE IT! I can't wait until I get mine!!!!!!! CONGRATS!:yahoo:
  3. pretty!!! congrats.
  4. Beautiful bag with great leather! So glad you love it--congrats!
  5. Lovely citychris!!! I think you've got a winner there!
  6. Wow, it's a completely different color in sunlight! It's soo gorg :drool:
  7. it's so pretty! congrats!
  8. SO GORGEOUS! I want one! : )
  9. It really is a lovely color - perfect for spring and summer! :yes:
  10. Love it!!!
  11. I love this color and your leather is TDF !
  12. THe leather and the color - speechless!!:p
  13. i love it!!!! the color is sooo pretty, i want one so bad!!! Congrats!
  14. It's gorgeous! I cannot wait to get my Aqua First!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  15. I really love your aqua:smile: , I have never seen it in real life and I'm not sure how the colour looks, every pic I see the colour looks different, which one of your photos is true to life?