My New Anthracite City! Pics!

  1. Here's my new Anthracite City purchased yesterday from Nordstrom Sac. They have two more thick, smooshy, crinkly anthracite cities left--call Patrice at 916-646-2400 if you're looking for one.

    Anyway, the color is great but I'm wondering, what is everyone wearing their anthrabags with? Any colors it works especially well with?

    The first pic is indoors with a flash, second is indoors without the flash and the last is in the sun. I think the pics kind of show how the color changes depending on the light...
    anthra flash.jpg anthra no flash.jpg anthra sun .jpg
  2. GORGEOUS!!:drool: :love:

    yours looks a lot like mine in the pics
  3. Love it! Great color! Do you mind if I ask how much it was? TIA!
  4. Love your bag!! Love anthracite! Thanks for sharing.
  5. It was $1195 plus tax, but at least I racked up some Nordy's points!
  6. It's beautiful!!! Congrats!

    I think it's so funny how all the anthracite owners are showing pictures of their bags with and without flash, and also in sunlight. It's so necessary considering how different the color looks in different lighting!
  7. Yay, gorgeous!!!!
  8. great looking bag!!!! I have it in the work and I'm wearing it with just about everything.:smile:
  9. A real beauty !!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts:
    Amazing how color could change...i defenitively need one:graucho:!!!
    Thank you for sharing !
  10. good to know! My anthrawork will be here tomorrow!!!:yahoo:
  11. What a sophisticated colour!
  12. Beautiful Antracity, valerie!
  13. I absolutely love anthracite! Your bag is beautiful!
  14. OMG it's gorgeous! You're so lucky!
  15. Congrats it is beautiful.:yahoo: