MY new Andrea Brueckner

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  1. Wonderful!!! I heard the zipper was hard to pull thru the middle of the bag. Is yours ok?
  2. No zipper problem - I can't believe an affordable bag that I really like!
  3. I think there are alot of them out there that get overlooked!
  4. Thats a lovely bag! I love the surface of it!
  5. Suzy, did you buy it from an online site or from a store? It's a nice bag!
  6. I have the vegas bucket in tan and I love it.
  7. bought it from an online authorized dealer SHOPCHICSTYLE.COM They were having a sale (heaven) and shipping was free - (irresistible, right?) The bag came in 2 days - great customer service - she only had 2 left when I bot it but I would definitly keep that website on file!!

  8. She really designs a beautiful bag!!
  9. I agree. I can't wait to see what the spring/summer line looks like.
  10. What size did you end up with?
  11. medium and it's big and beautiful - can't imagine how big the large one is!!!!
  12. Congratulations! I LOVE my medium AB bag!
  13. Oh...I'm glad someone started a thread about this line. I've seen it surfing the web, but didn't know anyone who had one. Nice to know and learn about a new (newish?) line.