My new and unexpected REVEAL!

  1. I had no idea when I left my place this morning that I would be returning home with a new PS! It was on sale at INTERMIX for a ridiculous price. I had wanted it previous to the sale and can hardly believe I actually have it!
    Photo 1417.jpg
  2. Congrats and on sale too!! :biggrin: It's the saddle color? Nice compliment to your birch!
  3. love it! congrats!
  4. Thanks ladies! I'm quite thrilled with it.

    It is indeed the saddle color. I thought the exact same thing about it being a great compliment to my birch. And the sale price was pretty ridiculous.. I just posted about it in the shopping intel thread. Toronto ladies take note!

  5. It is a beauty, Micole! Congrats on a great find! I love the color.
  6. Thanks so much lady! I'm becoming obsessed with brown bags.
  7. Love the Pochette! So perfect for a night out. Congrats on a great find!
  8. I know right? It's SO perfect for a night out. I can fit my phone, wallet, keys, compact and lip gloss (all the essentials) with room to spare! So excited!
  9. Pretty!!!
  10. Congrats! I can't handle clutches, I always get a cramp in my hand but I love this color. Is that saddle?
  11. Oooh! I've always wanted a clutch. Congrats on scoring such a deal! It's perfect!
  12. You're so funny! It's such a fabulous clutch. I've even been using it as a day bag. And yes, it is saddle. What a fantastic color.
  13. Thank you!! It IS perfect. If you're wanting a clutch, this is the one to get!
  14. Wow, great find! Congrats!
  15. I LOVE it Micole, and call me crazy, but don't you think you could use it in a larger bag while traveling? I really like this size when I travel to keep everything like travel docs, passport, etc, all in one place. The dimensions of this one would make it ideal. And then you have a clutch for the evening too! Perfect!

    What a great addition for you and it will look so great with your Birch!

    Enjoy! :yahoo: