My new and the 1st Burberry bag. Do you know the name of this bag?

Jan 22, 2008
Recently I traveled to Singapore. Usually, I just buy Louis Vuitton. At the airport, I saw this gorgeous bag and I fall in love at the first sight. So i decided to buy this bag right away. Since this is my 1st Burberry bag (usually I bought the clothings only from Burberry), do you know the name of this bag? Thank you.


My LOUIS VUITTONs :yahoo::

- Damier Geant Terre Messanger
Damier Geant Noir Cougar
Damier Geant Sable Compagnon
- Damier Canvas Ebene Bastille
- Damier Canvas Ebene Broadway
- Monogram Canvas Sac Plat
- Epi Leather Pepper Sac Plat
- Monogram Canvas Pen Holder
- Monogram Canvas Spectacles Holder
- Monogram Canvas Speeding Sneakers
- Monogram Canvas Trunks and Bags Belt
- Monogram Canvas Ellipse belt
- Monogram Teddy Bear pin
- Damier Teddy Bear pin
- Damier Canvas Ebene Zippy Organizer
- Damier Canvas Ebene Multiple
- Damier Canvas Ebene Name Card Holder
- Damier Canvas Ebene Cles
- Damier Canvas Ebene Cigarette Pouch
- Anneau Cles

My wish list:

- Damier Canvas Ebene Sac Plat
- Damier Canvas Ebene Keepall 50
- Damier Canvas Azur Naviglio
- Damier Canvas Azur Keepall 50
- Damier Canvas Azur Initials Belt- Monogram Canvas Pochette Gange
- Monogram Canvas Sac Squash
- Monogram Canvas Sac Bosphore



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Feb 27, 2007
Oh, that's so nice! I love it when guys wear burberry! I'm still trying to convince my bf to get one!