My new and perfect bag! A Dooney??

  1. Hi guys, so I think I've finally found it - my ideal bag. After much searching, much buying and selling, and much worrying over prices, here she is. She is a Dooney and Bourke All Weather Leather Domed Satchel plus matching wallet in Rouge :heart: I know that Dooneys are sort of maligned on Purseforum due to the IT bag phenomenon, but this beauty is much more understated. She's obviously designed with the LV Alma in mind, and I did have a brief affair with a Damier Alma before settling on the Dooney. But I just can't afford a LV at this point in my life and this is a well-made and pretty alternative (and not a knockoff :sick:). Plus I love her extra features like a key leash and cell phone pocket. I'm really happy with her because she wasn't so expensive that she really strained my budget but she is nice enough to keep for a long time in the future. Until I get a real job and save up enough cash for a Kelly bag (my REAL dream bag!), I think this bag is a really pretty and functional choice for me!

    I never thought I'd own a Dooney, I really didn't like them before, but I love this one and a lot of the Alta line too!
    ebay 116.jpg ebay 117.jpg ebay 118.jpg ebay 120.jpg
  2. vanojr, I absolutely love your new bag! I'm glad you found 'the one', and the matching wallet is just the icing on top of the cake!

    I've been wanting a D&B Alto bag myself, but just dont have the funds. Even though D&B is not considered an 'IT' bag I've heard so many good things about the quality of these bags, and I personally think some of their bags are adorable.

  3. that is a really nice bag and great color! Love the matching wallet-I see you are a matching wallet girl too! ;)

  4. Thanks so much, ladies, I'm so excited! Abandonedimages, I actually got this set on sale at a department store - I saved about $150 on both. You can sometimes find good deals on Dooneys and Coaches at department stores - I hope you find an Alto in your price range soon :smile:
  5. That is a beautiful bag! I like alot of Dooneys..actually. And what a great deal you got!
  6. Ooh, I love the pattern of the lining! Nice detail. Congrats on finding your perfect bag!
  7. awww Congrats! I know not a lot of people seem to like D&B, but, I love some of their stuff. Lately, a lot of is has been made for the 12-15 range, but, some of it is really nice. Enjoy her, I love the color!!
  8. Great bag, you should always get what you can afford--I'm sure one day you'll own the Kelly bag. Congrats.
  9. That leather is beautifal! :biggrin:
  10. That is a great bag. What a beautiful color.
  11. Wow! I like it! You're right about the similarity in shape to the LV Alma. It's too bad more people don't see this bag as an affordable alternative to LV instead of buying a crappy, overpriced knockoff.
  12. the bag is really beautiful... looks soft too.. is it?
  13. i like that bag! that color is sexy!
  14. Good-looking bag, congrats!
  15. You have a great bag. Dooney & Bourke put out quality products IMO. :biggrin: