My new and first Jimmy Choo's :-)

  1. I'm so happy! I found these jimmy choo's. I l:heart:ve them. I also tried on the one's with the heel but a 10 cm heel (= 4") is a bit high for me. I can't wear them as often as these.
    they were 395€ -30% = 277€
    105_0532.JPG 105_0533.JPG 105_0535.JPG 105_0536.JPG
  2. congrats on the purchase! very nice detail on those, you'll get lots of wear out of them ;)
  3. Congrats! They look really nice! (:
  4. Very nice, and looks comfortable :tup:
  5. Very cute! Congrats.
  6. so cute and classic - i love them too :smile:
  7. :flowers:thanks, sweeties!!! I'm only sad I can't wear them yet! weather is terrible in belgium for the last 2 months! it's been raining a lot and it's cold :crybaby:!
  8. Those are really cute! They look super comfy too. Congrats and enjoy!