My new and FINAL paddy addition!

  1. I just got this badboy yesterday morning and I love it to death!!! The most pebbly paddy i ever owned :love:

    For once, i'm very satisfied w/ my paddy collection... so no more new paddys for me. :nuts:

    Here is my final addition... blue nuit!!


    Here's my complete paddy family :heart: :heart:


    Thanks for letting me share :shame:
  2. OMG - Gorgeous paddy collection!! That blue nuit is TDF!!! :love:
  3. Beautiful!!! ...I don't know if I believe you that this is it, though!! :smile: I think I've heard that before!!:roflmfao:
  4. Thanks Loganz :flowers:

    Thanks Rockerchic :heart: I have said no more before, but i really REALLY mean it this time!!! :angel:
  5. It's beautiful ... absolutely love:love: the blue nuit! Your paddie collection is gorgeous:drool: but there's still some stunning colors out there. Are you sure it's your final paddy?:graucho:
  6. Congratulations! I'm drooling over the bleu-nuit with silver hardware to match my wallet but I'm on a ban. :crybaby:
  7. Love that picture, D & G! What a beautiful paddy family :love: Heehee, glad I could be of influence with the bleu nuit ;) The leather looks TDF.
  8. Thank you Eucalyptic, and ASL :heart:

    It really is Cristina's fault..... LOL I would've never thought of Blue Nuit until I saw her thread (thank you for writing that thread BTW :flowers:) ... Then I sought the advice of a couple of PFers :love: and they encouraged me more... so i just had to get it. It really is such a beautiful color!
  9. Absolutely gorgeous, that's one of the yummiest paddys I have ever seen..!!!
    :drool: :drool: :drool: BN is amazing colour, it looks stunning with the brass hardware:love:
  10. :love: Gorgeous collection~ I love it!!!
  11. OMG, now that is the Best PaddyPuddle ever!!!

    The colors are so lush and intense and the leather looks soft and smooshy and utterly TDF :love::heart:
  12. Beautiful! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  13. What a way to close out a collection! Lovely color and the leather looks perfect.

    That is one gorgeous bag and your collection is just the ultimate of all great colours.

    I am loving the wee mountain there - please let there be an avalanche and it fall down on top of me!

    Plus there are no mountains in NYC so I think you should send them all to the land of the moutains here in Scotland for ME!!!

    Congrats again
  15. Thank you Sonja, Dollygirl, hmwe, chloehandbags (:queen: of chloe), chipoman, secret :heart: :love: :tender: :flowers: :flowers:

    When i first got the chloe bug last year, i overbought way too many paddys... but I let some go and was able to realize which colors/styles i really wanted. It's just right for me :p I'll definitely buy more chloe, but absolutely NO paddys.