My new and Favorite purse

  1. Hey, does anyone have the Soho Signature Small Flap 10602!I just got it as a Birthday gift and it is just right. The size, and the color is Khaki/ Chocolate, a color that can be used all year round!:yahoo:
  2. I dont have it, but yes its a great bag!! Happy Birthday and welcome to the PF!!
  3. Happy Birthday, and I got it for my mom as an early X-mas present, but in the black, and she uses it ALL THE TIME! She loves it, and it's such a versatile bag!
  4. Happy Birthday! It's a cute bag, show some pics!
  5. Happy birthday, great present! Please show us modeling pics! we drool over this kind of thing you know!!!! :smile:
  6. Hey!! That is a great bag! I just bought the larger one, style 10297 in chocolate siggy (see my avatar) and I LOVE it!!!!! :tup:
  7. I don't have that one, but I do have a large leather soho flap, that i think is seriously my is just the best fall back to one....I would love to have another one in signature!
    This i have to say is one of my favorite lines! i think everyone needs to have least one (lol) soho flap, because they are just so classy looking! i especially like the leather one!
  8. chocolate flap.. yummy.. that was one of my choices but it will have to wait!
  9. I have that small flap in chocolate sig and i love it too! In fact, that was my first Coach bag.
  10. I dont have one, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE that big nickel buckle on it!!!! LOVE it!!!!!!
  11. I have one of these (not sure if its medium or large though) from several years ago in a soft maize/yellowish color. The leather on this bag is soooo soft. I always bring it out as one of my summer bags!
  12. I have a large one in a blush pink suede and one in a dark purple color that I just found on eBay. Same exact style, different colors.

    I LOVE the styld of this bag. It's by far my favorite. I know suede isn't an every day bag, but I can't help it... I LOVE it. The only time I don't wear it is when I wear black - the strap is brown.

    ...This is a major side note, but what's up with Coach mixing black with brown? I don't care what anyone says, I'll never wear those 2 colors together. Ever.

    Carry on with the Soho Flap talk!