My new and ever-growing "collection"!

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  1. Today was the first time I bought something from an actual LV store, rather than online. I also finally decided to take pictures of the other items in my small collection! I have much more to come (already have 2 more on the way right now - Mono Galliera GM and Damier Azur Speedy 35)!! Today I got the Porte-tresor International and the Key and Change Holder.

    Damier Ebene Neverful MM and my two newest additions :biggrin:

    Damier Azur Porte-tresor International

    Damier Azur Porte-tresor International and Damier Ebene Key and Change Holder

    Damier Ebene Key and Change Holder

    Monogram Astrid

    Next up:
    Boetie MM for my Mom
    Vernis Zippy Wallet (not sure what color yet)
    Insolence Bag Charm
  2. beautiful collection! i love all the damier. :]
  3. Nice collection. Love the Astrid.
  4. Congrats! beautiful choices you have made....I wonder how many more pics of the astrid it will take for me to "have to have it"....
  5. what a beautiful collection.thanks for sharing
  6. beautiful collection!! waiting to see your other 2 items coming.Congratulation.
  7. Congrats, what an awesome collection ;)
  8. A-dior-able collection:biggrin: so beautiful.
  9. nice !
  10. WOW!!!! Awesome
  11. Great collection!
  12. congrats
  13. Nice collection!
  14. Gorgeous collection! I love my Astrid, it holds so much, it's the perfect wallet!
  15. LVoe everything Congrats!