My New (and 1st) Gucci...but I need help here..

  1. Hello all, i recently purchased this Gucci new brite tote and have been lugging her since Saturday... currently she is my all time fav! :graucho: Hee. I have chosen white over brown as I found that the brown is much 'oldish' for me and white looks so much fresher... but I need some help here from you gals who owe similar white gucci model. How do you maintain it? I have already sprayed AppleGarde and wipe leather conditioner on the white leather parts. But still, stains are inevitable. Please advise me how do you take care of your white babies?!! :confused1:

    Meanwhile, enjoy the pixs.... :p Will post modelling pixs soon.
    IMAG0023.jpg IMAG0024.jpg
  2. cuteness! and dont worry about it...contrary to what people say the GG fabric is awesome and can take a BEATING! trust me i am a HORRIBLE bag mommy...but my bags are still HOT! :smile:
  3. I keep my white Gucci bag in its box so it's sparkling clean and new! Just kidding...

    Congrats on your new bag! I think what you've done is good enough. I've never sprayed my monogram bags, but I keep a bottle of Stain Remedy from Forever New handy in case I get a stain on. So you might want to look into this. I usually wipe my leather bag with a damped cloth/old tee and then condition them, and they are looking devine!
  4. I actually don't do anything with my light coloured bags. They wear very well. Congrats on your new bag!
  5. Cheers, thanks to all your comments!
  6. Congrats! I also don't do anything with my bags and they still look good as new.
  7. what a great tote!!! congrats on your 1st Gucci! :yahoo:I don't do anything with my bags either...and so far they still look great!
  8. congrats and your doggie is so cute!!!
  9. Hi RoseMary, thanks! Yeah her name is Minnie and I just bought her 2 weeks ago.. she's my 1st Pet too! :p
  10. congrats! beautiful it! your puppy minnie is super cute too!
  11. Tks Krazy4Bags, Minnie is currently only 4months old... i love her lots ... and still got lots to train her... :rolleyes:
  12. I personally use baby wipes over the monogram fabric just to manage it....AND the inside which can get dusty with regular use.
    It is very durable and doesn't really need it.....
    (and your dog is just adorable!!!!)
  13. I would just leave it. I dont do any thing with lite colors.
  14. Congrats!
  15. oh so cute. I'm thinking about the Britt hobo. anyways, about the AppleGarde, where do you get it?